Floyd Mayweather Allegedly Involved In Beating And Possible Attempted Murder

Floyd Mayweather is good for boxing, he puts people into the stands to see his fights, even if a lot of them are there to see him lose. Today a story has been broken by TMZ Sports that may provide a really, really big loss for the champ. He may be brought up on charges stemming from his potential involvement in an assault that recently took place in Las Vegas. TMZ is reporting that Floyd ordered a savage attack on two employees after suspecting them of stealing jewelry from his Las Vegas homes that they were working at. The men have reported that several weeks ago Floyd contacted them and informed to meet them at an offsite location. When the meeting took place Floyd was present along with several of his bodyguards and employees who proceeded to assault the two men with a variety of weapons including clubs. Both men were hospitalized with life threatening injuries, including broken arms and legs.

The men have retained a lawyer, and TMZ is reporting that charges against Mayweather could potentially involve kidnapping, mayhem and attempted murder. Mayweather himself has not made a statement, and his handlers have not been available for comment.

Author: Santopietro

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