Is Floyd Mayweather Worth $500,000,000 Dollars?

Recently there has been discussion as to the net worth of Floyd Mayweather. A recent Youtube video promotion from Golden Boy has created the buzz that Floyd has a net worth of one-half billion dollars, however this is actually a misunderstanding of the message that the video is conveying. According to Floyd has an estimated net worth of $140,000,000, which will be increased significantly after his Sept. 14 fight with Canelo Alvarez, which is estimated to make Floyd another 90 million dollars.

The real message of the video is that Floyd is worth $500,000,000 to all of the ancillary people and businesses that earn money off his name and his fights. There is an entire industry that revolves around mega-fights and fighters of Mayweather’s status. Occupancy rates at the Las Vegas hotels over a Mayweather fight weekend will be at nearly 100%, and room rates will be increased significantly. Meals and entertainment for all physical visitors to Las Vegas during a fight weekend will generate millions in revenue for those providing the services. These types of revenue are, of course, in addition to the massive PPV revenues as millions tune in at $60+ each to watch the fight at home.

All in all, we would think that Floyd is actually underselling himself with regards to a half-billion dollar figure. Floyd has generated far more than that figure for all of the total amounts of people who earn money because of his craft. Floyd is humble in this regards. Floyd you can take it from us, you are more like the billion dollar man. Love him or hate him, he is good for boxing. he gives people something to talk about, and something to spend their money on.

Floyd’s Career Earnings:
Carlos Baldomir November 4, 2006 – $8 million
Oscar De La Hoya May 5, 2007 – $25 million
Ricky Hatton December 8, 2007 – $25 million
World Wrestling Entertainment Appearance – $20 million
Juan Manuel Márquez September 19, 2009 – $25 million
Sugar Shane Mosley May 14th, 2010 – $30 million
Victor Ortiz September 17th, 2011 – $40 million
Miguel Cotto May 5, 2012 – $40 million
Robert Guerrero May4, 2013 – $50 million

Floyd Mayweather’s Total Career Earnings: $283 million

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