Las Vegas Favorite Jesus “Chuy” Gutierrez Wins WBC / USNBC Title

On a rainy Saturday night in Las Vegas at Sunset Station casino, Pochiro Promotions in association with Roy Jones staged a six fight card camed “Boxing Under The Stars,” which for much of the night appeared as though there may be a threat of lengthy delays or potential cancellations as intermittent rain forced the ring to be covered with a tarp in order to keep it dry and the fighters safe. After an initial delay that forced the clearing of the crowd from the amphitheater due to potential lightning, the matches got underway and were only delayed briefly one more time just before the final 8 round match featuring Gutierrez and Rashad Ganaway.

chuy1For those of you who are unfamiliar with Gutierrez, he is a local Las Vegan nicknamed “Chuy” who draws an extremely loyal, vocal and boisterous crowd each time he fights. To those who may not have seen him fight in any of his 13 victories (he is undefeated at this point with 3 wins coming by KO,) Chuy is an aggressive “come forward” style lightweight who will generally press the action even if his opponent throws fists as he is closing the distance. He is willing to take shots in order to get inside and brawl, always making for an exciting and crowd-pleasing fight, and each time he does get into his opponent’s chest to throw hooks the crowd responds with the rabid chants of “Chuy…Chuy…Chuy!” The intensity of the crowd during a Gutierrez fight may be matched only by Chuy himself, who seems poised for bigger fights after this most recent victory.

Saturday night’s fight was a rough and tumble eight round affair featuring Chuy cutting off the ring from the opening bell and throwing a variety of hooks and jabs as his opponent Rashad Ganaway (14-5-1) attempted to stop the constant pressure of Gutierrez by holding and continually circling backward, attempting to fight off his back foot. The second round had a stunned Ganaway receiving a series of hard body shots that put him into survival mode for the rest of the fight, where he continued to tie Chuy up and smother hard shots. chuy2Gutierrez adapted to the holding quickly, and for the remainder of the bout would fight out of clinches quickly in order to reset and continue to press the action. Gutierrez was clearly looking for a knockout in the final round as the tired and overmatched Ganaway moved backwards throughout the entire three minutes, only firing shots in defense. Although the affair ended with a majority decision win for Gutierrez (judges Jerry Roth scoring it (78-74,) Dave Moretti (77-75,) and Tim Cheatham having it a 76-76 draw) Gutierrez was clearly happy with the win and his new title belt. The crowd obviously agreed.

In other fight action throughout the night, Leon Spinks III provided a thrilling knockout of Antton Slaughter in a scheduled six round affair to improve his record and look for future larger fights, and Australian powerhouse Wes “The Decapitator” Capper destroyed Isaiah McFadden in an ugly match including point deductions and an early stoppage by Russell Mora, angering McFadden who proceed to argue and throw his mouthpiece at the referee. Capper also appears poised for stardom, with a style reminiscent of a slightly awkward Gannady Golovkin and a thunderous hook that can end fights with a single punch.

Author: Santopietro

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