Mayweather McGregor IS NOT Sold Out

If you Google “Mayweather McGregor tickets” you are given a three page list of articles discussing how the tickets to the upcoming superfight “sold out in minutes” and fans are irate as prices have reached astronomical levels on reseller sites. You are probably dismayed that only the super rich are going to be able to go see this fight, and may be upset that the tickets sold out so quickly and didn’t give you a chance to pay a face value of $3,500 to sit in the nose bleed seats. You will probably be even more upset if you decide to go to one of those reseller sites and pay an inflated price….because you will later find out that you are being lied to. Mayweather McGregor tickets are not selling as well as planned. As a matter of face, Mayweather McGregor is still not sold out after tickets being on sale for five days now. The only section that does not have tickets available in it is the floor, and those seats were 10K anyway.

Go to Ticketmaster right now and search for a pair of seats to the fight. You will see a combination of results listing “verified resale ticket” and “full price ticket.” You will notice that “full price tickets” start at $3,500 and go up from there, and “verified resale tickets” start at $2,000. “Full price tickets” are seats being sold directly at face value, meaning they are unsold seats that are available to the general public for purchase. “Verified resale tickets” are seats that were purchased by a private party and then put up for resale. Typically, resale tickets for an event will be sold at a marked up price due to the fact that there are no regular face value tickets available to purchase. In this case, “verified resale tickets” are going for 1,000 dollars LESS than full price tickets. If you look at the results on Ticketmaster, you can buy tickets in the same sections (in closer rows) through a verified resale ticket for far less money than worse rows of full price tickets.

So what is the takeaway here? Obviously a press release was issued by the promoters shortly after the ticket release stating that the sellout happened in minutes. Obviously this press release was written in advance in preparation of the obvious sellout of an event this large. Hundred of press outlets picked it up and reported that the only way you were getting into this fight is by buying a ticket costing 50K, hyping it up even more than it already is…..except for the fact that Ticketmaster has been sending out robo-emails to anyone who searched for tickets for this fight and did not buy them. Those emails only go out if there are tickets available.

Tickets for the Pacquiao Mayweather fight were being sold at half price the week before the fight through the resellers because nobody paid their inflated prices. Obviously this is going to be even more the case this time. If you want to get a great deal, go to Ticketmaster right now and buy Tickets that were sold for $3,500 each on Monday for $2,000 today. If you want to help out the sales of the event, but a full price ticket in any section because they are all still available. Or you can do what a lot of people are going to do and wait until a few days before the fight and buy the tickets from a reseller then, once they really get desperate.

Author: Santopietro

My name is Raymond Santopietro. I live in Las Vegas, the boxing capital of the world, and I have been analyzing fighters, styles, matchups and fights for more than a decade. I am currently a writer and photographer for several publications, and am self employed working as a Las Vegas web developer and Las Vegas SEO at Focus Internet Services.

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