Mayweather McGregor Ticket Prices And PPV

Floyd Mayweather Photo by Roof

Photo by Roof

The superfight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor was announced yesterday, and there is no surprise that all outlets are discussing this as the fight that will break records for revenue generated. The fight itself will probably not be very good, lets face it. Floyd is coming out of retirement at 40 years old after 2 years of not being in the ring, which typically would make any analyst start discussing ring rust or if a 40 year old can still bang on an elite level, but this isn’t elite level and this is Floyd Mayweather we are talking about. He is fighting Conor McGregor, who literally has no experience as a boxer, let alone on a big stage. As far as a UFC fighter, sure Conor is elite level. But this discussion is only slightly removed from him challenging Tiger Woods in the PGA….just because you are elite level in one sport doesn’t mean you are elite level in all sports, even if they are kind of similar. Boxing and MMA are worlds apart, and the only way we can discuss McGregor as a boxer is if he never threw a kick as part of his style, or never used a ground game. McGregor is a UFC fighter, and to have him box will severely limit the tools he has to win a fight. So naturally he is facing the man that is considered by most to be the best pure boxer who is alive today, and maybe who ever lived. Seriously, in a boxing match McGregor has no chance except that lucky punch that has been discussed every time Floyd has fought someone who is considered a puncher. Maidana had a puncher’s chance. Pacman had a puncher’s chance. McGregor? Sure, I guess he as a puncher’s chance. But does a puncher really have a chance when he typically fights at 145 and this fight limit is 154? Maybe, because when he fought Diaz at 170 he got murdered, and seems to have a natural fight weight of about 155 which is where he has recently been successful. Diaz came in on fight night at about 181 pounds vs McGregor at 166 (a 15 pound difference.) Mayweather doesn’t rehydrate very much typically, and fought his last fight with Berto at a 146 limit. Lets say he is comfortable at 151. This gives McGregor a possibility of comfortably training to 154 and coming into the fight at 170 while Floyd will probably come in at 150. Maidana weighed in at 146 and came in on fight night at 165, so it is fair to say that McGregor will not be going for speed but instead power against Mayweather…..he could literally weigh in on fight night at almost 175 pounds if he wanted to Puncher’s chance, sure.

Anyway, at this point there have been no announcements as to when tickets will go on sale or how much the PPV on Showtime will cost. Ringside seats are expected to bring the highest prices ever recorded for tickets in sports history, and we can only imagine how much the PPV is going to cost.

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